Learn How to Create Harmony & Tranquility in Your Home & Office - Feng Shui Can Transform Your Life

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
3 Steps of Feng Shui: Feng Shui is the Chinese art of detecting Chi, the energy in and around our physical world that affects our well being, sense of comfort and peace of mind. The spaces you live and work in are powerful forces in your life. Home is where you physically manifest your beliefs about the world, and it affects you just as you affect it. You can shift its energy to restore balance and encourage growth by integrating feng shui into your design choices on many different levels, depending on what resonates with you. Each design choice has a physical aspect, a psychological/emotional aspect, and a cultural aspect. Step 1: Ready your space by clearing it of negative energy. Most experts agree space clearing will improve the quality of our lives more effectively than any other feng shui technique. - Thoroughly clean and organize the space as much as possible. - Focus your mind on your intention to clear and energize your space. - Light a sage wand or incense and walk through the entire space, saturating the atmosphere with the cleansing smoke. - Ring bells at a slow steady rhythm while moving around the space. - Refocus your attention to what your intention is for that space. Step 2: Consider how Chi flows. Some physical aspects should be considered at the outset. - Doorways and windows that are directly across from one another allow Chi to flow straight through the space. Redirect the energy back into the room with screens, plants, crystals, etc. - Long hallways that dead end may block the flow of Chi. Move the energy back out of an enclosed space through mirrors, chimes, and/or crystals. - Rearrange the placement of furniture that blocks walking through a space. - Arrange rugs to direct movement through the space. - Soften sharp corners with plants, crystals, chimes. - If there are any unused doors, place a folding screen in front of it. Step 3: Locate the areas in your space that relate to the areas of your life you wish to enhance. Begin with laying out the space in relationship to the Baqua Map. - Sketch a floor plan of your space - Sketch the areas of the Bagua Map over the plan - Place the main entrance to your space in line with the bottom of the map. - Small sections may extend beyond or intrude into the map - Determine what specific life aspect(s) you wish to enhance. - Place objects that have meaning and reflect those aspects so your intention for enhancing that area of your life is personally significant An important note: Only use those feng shui adjustments that make sense to you and reflect your intentions. Placing something in your home that you don't like just because it is "good feng shui" will not enhance your home or support your personal growth.