Your Feng Shui Guide to Real Estate

Friday, September 28, 2012
Feng Shui doesn't only guide you to harbor positive life force inside a home; it is also capable of helping you find that prospective parcel of land to build a house on. Having the right property is as important as building a house that promotes the optimal flow of Chi. However, it is best to start harboring positive Chi outside your own home. In order to find the best property to build a house that can hold a bright future, Feng Shui experts say that it is crucial to look at the landscaping of the area you are interested in. It is important that the yard of your prospective property is big and open. This type of landscape welcomes and embraces the flow of Chi rather than closed yards. It is also helpful if there are healthy trees and there are creatures of nature that live on it such as squirrels and birds. This is a positive connotation and indicates that positive life forces are favored rather than negative energy. However, when looking for a property it is important that the yard has to be as big in the back as it is in the front. It is also essential that the yard is not bigger than the house itself. This also applies for everything inside the house. Proportionality and moderation in Feng Shui is a good indication for fostering positive life forces. When looking for a property, you have to look out for straight lines. Though straight lines are neat to look at, it is not good when it comes to the principles of Feng Shui. This is because straightened lines allow a rush of energy into one single direction and it can come crashing into your home which can be disastrous. A wide and winding path is a better option as it allows the steady flow of energy inside your house. But if there is no way around straight lines, you can put plants and other garden ornaments to break up the straight path. The trees surrounding the house should not overshadow the structure itself. Trees that block the light from enveloping a house can also block the flow of necessary Chi. Though this situation can be corrected for a certain amount, a property should be naturally conducive to Chi. Respectively, if you buy a property that already has your dream house on it, it is important that the house itself already be designed to naturally receive Chi. Such factors as the design of the house and the direction it faces is important. Each of the rooms of the house should also be situated in the correct places according to the family and this will help in the promotion of the flow of Chi. Lastly, in Feng Shui, it is essential that the location of your property is optimal for receiving the flow of positive life forces. You can find all these in Tampa and more. Tampa itself is already a great location to start with, with all the natural resources that abound the area. There is sun, there is water, there are trees, there are healthy wildlife, and a refreshing breeze. The landscapes in Tampa homes are vast and all houses face a majestic view of the city from all angles. Whatever the tips Feng Shui can give you to find that perfect place to foster success, happiness, and contentment can be found in one corner of the world, a great place called Tampa Bay, Florida.